I put you each in the middle of an earthly Kingdom – nature –

where you can walk on your journey and draw strength to yourself from all you see, touch and experience.

How could you be so lost from Me when I am everywhere;

How could you have depression and worry when all you have to do is take a walk and find me and commune with Me;

Come walk in a field of grain and touch the golden heads with your fingertips as you pass through the field. I will be there.

Come with me to the forest and watch from afar as a mother doe comforts and protects her young, even teaches them how to live in this kingdom. I too, comfort you, protect you and teach you how to live the kingdom life. I am everywhere. There is no space that doesn’t have a kingdom in it, be it lesser or greater. I am there.

Even in a concrete prison you make for yourself, I am there. My Spirit resides everywhere. There is nowhere you can go that I am not. You and I are a part of each other. I made you in My image. My image is complex like you. Look inward into your heart and soul to find your way – I’ll be there.   Our journey is in tandem with each other. Even if you leave the path, I will go with you to counsel you in a still small voice to guide you back.

I am everywhere, you cannot escape Me. My love for you is beyond your comprehension. I long to be everything to you.

I am Jesus Christ, your greatest Friend, your closest traveling Companion.

I am everywhere!


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